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Productos Laudio-form-plus

Laudio Form

Phenolic film-faced eucalyptus globulus-reinforced radiata pine-based plywood for formwork

Plywood panel covered with 170 gr/m2 phenolic paper, a eucalyptus globulus-reinforced European radiata pine-based core and edges sealed with damp-proof paint.

The radiata pine-based core is reinforced with eucalyptus globulus, the densest of eucalyptus species, to improve panel strength while maintaining great stability and dimensional uniformity.

Its composition is based on timber sourced from responsibly managed local forests and plantations to ensure maximum sustainability.

Glue Type: Class III exterior (phenolic gluing) according to rule EN 314-2

Emission: Class E1

Applications: Its extraordinary mechanical strength makes it perfect for all kinds of formwork, moulds for premanufacturing, manual formwork systems and engineering structures. The interior combination of pine and eucalyptus increases strength, quality and stability for improved panel re-usability in formwork projects.